Art Direction

As a Photo Art Director, I've worked with many major apparel retailers shooting for print and e-commerce. This is not the editorial stuff of Vogue, but the images that make a customer click 'Add to Cart'! I've shot on location, on studio sets and LOTS of white backgrounds. I've shot all categories of Stills, Room Sets, Men, Women, Kids and mannequins. I've been responsible for booking, coordinating and managing photo crews (up to 7 at a time), model casting, final selects, post production, and of course, keeping it all within budget.



Graphic Design

I love working with clients to develop and design brand identity materials, print and promotional materials, and other communication graphics including logos, web mock-ups, mailers, books, posters and more. Each Pogostick Studio project brings new opportunities for solving design challenges and creating graphic solutions to help clients keep their design projects and brand messages clear and concise, on time and on budget.




Illustration is my first love. I began my career doing fashion illustrations for retailers in the Denver area. And while I prefer being on photo sets and the creative problem solving of graphic design, there is an illustrative aspect to much of my work, and the occasional illustration project is a welcome change of pace. Here is a small sampling of some of the styles of illustration I've used in various projects.