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Deb Harrison was born a fashion illustrator, but graphic design and art direction paid the rent and offered further opportunities for Deb to use her talents, skills and experience in creative problem solving and creative management. Deb has walked both the corporate and freelance paths, actually enjoying both! In corporate life, Deb spent years in retail as a graphics art director and photo art director. In freelance life, Pogostick Studio has been the platform for working with many wonderful clients from diverse fields producing  logos, branding design, print materials, illustrations, directing photo shoots & more.


Selected Clients


  • Gap Inc

  • Macys

  • Walmart

  • Sun Valley Mall

  • Pacific Outfitters Travel Gear


Design & Branding

  • Brandora Collective

  • Andrew Hewatt Design

  • Meghan Mahler Design

  • Dorothy Castel Design

The Arts

  • Museum of Ventura County

  • Hayward Area Historical Society

  • Palo Alto History Museum

  • 3Girls Theatre Company

  • Sun Gallery

  • Hayward Arts Council


  • USCF

  • Cal State East Bay

  • California State Library

  • Hayward Library

  • Menlo Park Library

  • Alameda County Library Assoc.


  • St. Rose Hospital

  • Knoll Farms

  • Shiloh Church

  • City of Hayward